About Us


Our Approach

The goal of the Super Big Sister/Brother brand is to give each and every child acknowledgment and pride in their new role as a Big Brother or Big Sister. Our products seek to not only welcome the new addition to your family, but the new role, joy, and memories that each in every child will experience as a Super Big Sister/Brother.

Our Story

Our family-focused company saw an opportunity to provide the gift of an immediate bond between siblings through the use of attire, books, and products. By catering to your growing family, we aim to be an integral part of the moments and memories that you capture over the years. WELCOME FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS!

Meet the Team

Lucy Sams


Lucy lives and writes out of her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her storytelling focuses on life’s pleasures; children, laughter, sunshine, and new places. She is best known for her family-based children’s adventure series, “Super Big Sister/Brother Adventures.” She spends her days walking and waving at her neighbors and making memories with the people she loves.”

Jolenna Mapes


Jolenna Mapes is an illustrator, graphic designer & artist, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jolenna has been freelancing in design and illustration over 2 years after deciding to leave her extensive career in the corporate world of administration. Jolenna also worked as a Pastry Chef for several years, as she loves food styling and illustrating the recipes to share with friends and family. Jolenna is continuously on the lookout for opportunities to apply her creativity and grow as an artist. Jolenna’s creativity is fueled by her gratefulness to family, friends, art, and food!

Disha Shah

Web Developer

Disha Shah has been creating diverse and attention-catching websites for a variety of clients for over 10 years. With her background in programming languages such as .NET and C#, Disha has been able to help clients develop sites from the concept phase to the final web presence, always ensuring the site architecturally sound. Disha also specializes in planning, building, customizing and supporting content management systems like SharePoint, WordPress, and related technology solutions. Disha advantages come from her ability to master new technology quickly. When Disha is not developing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading books and painting.

Damon Sams

Creative Business Architect

Damon can be described as an outside-the-box thinker who is able to see the big picture but also has the ability to design strategic plans and bring the right people together to achieve the overall vision. This comes from his ability to align strategic goals and objectives with solutions regarding products and services; partners; organization; and initiatives. Damon is a certified Project Manager and as a former member of the Enterprise-Level IT Education (ELITE) Academy Network Advisory Council, he provided assistance and consulting to over 65 colleges, universities and high schools nationwide. In his spare time Damon loves going deep sea fishing.