Hey Baby – Deja’s New Adventure
(Deja Super Big Sister Series – 1)

A new family-based children’s adventure picture book with an empowering message: You are never too young to learn the value and joy of helping.

With a new baby comes new responsibilities for an older sister. This is what Deja is about to learn. Join Deja on her new adventure in this picture book series with an empowering message: You are never too young to learn the value and joy of helping.

Deja has been waiting for her baby brother to arrive and he is finally here! Now she is a BIG Sister! While visiting her baby brother at the hospital, Deja gets a special gift. The gift gives her SUPER HELPING POWER!

Find out what happens with Deja as she begins a new adventure as a SUPER BIG SISTER, learning how to use her SUPER HELPING POWER to save the day!!.

About the Book


Lucy Sams


Jolenna Mapes



Age Group

1 – 7 Years


27 Pages


March 15, 2019

What people are saying about the book

Review @ GoodReads.com
Great Great Book
Hey Baby – Deja’s New Adventure by Lucy Sams is a great book to introduce a new member of a family, especially to an older sibling. Sometimes, parents can worry when a new baby arrives. Will he be accepted by his brothers and sisters? Will there be jealousy among them? This book teaches us how such an event could not only be welcome, but fun and meaningful as well. Instead of triggering trouble, the birth of a new baby can trigger excitement, hope and a greater bond of love for the entire family.

Review @ indiestoday.com
A highlight of this picture book is the artwork. It is colorful, consistent, and expresses the emotions of the characters well. The dialogue is well written and would be fun to read to a small child!

Review @ Amazon.com
Love the Illustrations
I love the picture illustrations and the concept of this book. It encourages siblings to have a good relationship. Especially if it happens to be a big sister 🙂 I cannot wait for episode 2! I want more!.

From the Author

Hello World, I hope you enjoy this book.

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