Jazzy Joy
Read-Along & Whimsical Rhythmic poetry

Jazzy Joy is a Collection of Read-Along & Whimsical Rhythmic Poetry for Joy-filled Enjoyment!

Jazzy Joy is a children’s poetry book
Pages full of rhymes and sometimes a hook
Poems about joyful feel-good times
Written to jazzy beats and simple rhymes
Capturing the joy of our kids as they run
Or pretend to be a superhero, just for fun
Dancing to their music and their own beat
Outside in the rain or just in the summer heat
So take a minute, read this book, even just for a little while
the joyful moments and rhymes, we hope will make you smile!

About the Book


Lucy Sams


Damon Sams



Age Group

1 – 7 Years


30 Pages


October 22, 2019

What people are saying about the book

Great Story and Illustrations
Loved this book. I read it with my 4 year old and now she looks for a lot of opportunities to help. It also made me think about what roles we play in the family for each other. I loved it too! I can’t wait for the other books in the series come out.

This book is adorable and the kids loved it
I read this book to my 3 year old and it was awesome watching her reaction to Deja becoming a helping superhero. Now she wants to help me with the baby all the time. I also loved how it incorporated the whole family in the illustrations. Loved it!!!

Wonderful Book
What a wonderful book! I received an early copy and read it my friend’s granddaughters and they both love it! They are now both Super BIG helping superheroes! It is so cute to watch the run and jump around helping.

From the Author

Hello World, I hope you enjoy this book.

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