• Even on a family trip to Disney there are ways an older brother can help himself, his little sister and his parents
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As a parent I was excited as well as nervous about our family Disney trip with 2 kids. My Son Soham is 5 years old and my younger Daughter Rahi who is 2 years old. But to my surprise, I had a lot of help with Rahi from Soham. He helped in many different ways during the trip.

During our 10 hour drive to Disney, Soham entertained himself by reading books, coloring, counting and playing games. This was a big help to me since I did not have to entertain him. When Rahi became cranky, Soham would play peek-a-book, sing and do other fun things to keep her entertained. I can not tell you how much this helped me just to be able to enjoy the ride a lot better than if I had to do all the entertaining.

When we finally made to Orlando after the 10 hour ride, Soham still was being a super helper by helping to unload the bags from tjhe car and putting them on the luggage trolley.

The next day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Soham was so surpriesed and excited, but he was still being a great helper. He pushed the stroller and kept his sister entertained while we brought tickets.

Throughout the Soham engaged his sister by telling her about the animals and other interesting things they were seeing. He loved talking to her about all the dances and his favorite the Lion show in the Animal Kingdom, which he wants to see over and over again. The Animal Kingdom made it easy for Soham to enjoy himself by riding the rides in Dino Land, taking pictures with Daisy, and doing the safari ride. The 4D show “It is tough to be a bug” scared him a little bit after the show, he was back being a Superbig helper to his sister.

The days at Disney were existing for Soham, but he enjoyed every minute of the trip. Soham kept being a helper even as we were leaving. As we checked out, helped load luggage in the car and checked everywhere to make sure we did not forget anything.

As a parent, I am so proud of my son and how he helped on our family trip. I know this trip may have been a lot more stressful if I had to do all the entertaining, but with Soham’s help, it made all the difference in the world. That is why I feel my son should be recognized as a SuperBig SB Adventure helper of the Month.

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